Lavender 3D Card

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Known for their ornamental value and as culinary herbs, lavender flowers add simplicity, sophistication and elegance to any event. The Lavender Blooms 3D pop-up card features a few strikingly beautiful florets on the cover. When you open the card, you will be greeted with a lush floral arrangement in a delicate white vase. A few loose stems tied neatly with a pretty bow add an extra embellishment to an already gorgeous card.

Occasions for the Lavender Blooms 3D pop-up Card:

Fragrant, pale lavender flowers can add a graceful pastel tone to a wedding, anniversary or birthday celebration. In fact, it can become the inspiration behind your entire event. The Lavender Blooms 3D pop-up card also makes a great ‘Get Well’ or ‘Happy Holidays’ card as these flowers symbolize a time of healing, spirituality and relaxation. Send this paper floral bouquet of Lavender to soothe the senses and infuse serenity into someone’s world.

The Lavender Blooms card is 6 x 6 inches

One card with corresponding envelope